The ubiquitous office cubicle has redefined how much privacy pencil-pushers can expect during their daily grind, but a new office block in downtown Shanghai by AIM Architecture goes much further than this. The futuristic-looking workplace sports glass walls and mirrored ceilings throughout to stunning effect.

In addition to offering fertile ground for office gossips, the unusual interior layout could also potentially reduce lighting energy needs significantly. Unwanted glare would be a definite concern with all the light bouncing around, but the designers note that they incorporated areas of dull stone and carpet in key areas of the floor to combat this.

AIM Architecture also states that the unique design creates a "double reality, that merges with the stunning views of downtown Shanghai." Pretentious perhaps, but once one embarks upon building an office block interior comprised mostly of glass and mirror, it makes sense to just run with it.

Coming back down to earth, the office block was completed earlier this year and forms part of Shanghai's large mixed-use Fuxing Plaza complex. The office units are currently offered for rent, and boast the benefit of offering customers the opportunity to see exactly what they're paying for.

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