GLOBETrekker : Satellite System in a backpack

GLOBETrekker : Satellite System in a backpack
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September 10, 2005 Norsat yesterday released details of the new Norsat GLOBETrekker, a revolutionary backpackable, broadband satellite system. The GLOBETrekker is an intelligent, ultra-portable satellite system that enables users to establish a reliable broadband connection on short notice -- anywhere in the world -- even in harsh and hostile conditions. In the same way we have seen computers reduced from the size of a house to palmtop, and cell phones the size of a briefcase reduced to infinitesimal size, the same miniaturisation process has been going on with broadband satellite communications, and Norsat’s GLOBETrekker is the current state-of-the-art. It is sleekly designed to be carried in a backpack, is airline checkable, fits in small vehicles and is even helicopter- and parachute-friendly.

"This signals a significant development in the industry in three areas -- portability, intelligence and durability," explained William Coyne III, President and CEO of Norsat. "No longer do you need to lug your transit cases to move your satellite system from place to place. Secondly, the GLOBETrekker has sophisticated 'built-in intelligence.' Our sensor-driven system manager automatically monitors and adjusts for environmental operating conditions such as moisture, sand and rain. This is significant as it means that the system can operate effectively even in harsh weather conditions. Thirdly, Norsat has added additional ruggedized features to enable the GLOBETrekker to be operational even in the most arduous situations. Norsat is setting a new standard for satellite communications."

The GLOBETrekker is particularly well suited for "grab-and-go" applications and "temporary situations" -- wherein broadband communications need to be initiated quickly and on very short notice or on a temporary basis. Its ergonomically designed backpack and overall "quick-connect" design enables users to transport, assemble, operate and disassemble quickly and discreetly. This is particularly appealing to journalists, disaster relief agencies, the military and first responders -- all of which are often given very short notice of an impending assignment. This is also of interest to companies seeking an emergency backup system or VIPs seeking to establish a reliable broadband connection while they are traveling.

The GLOBETrekker is equipped with sophisticated "built-in" intelligence. The GLOBETrekker's Sensor Driven System Manager is housed in a single board computer, which acts as the nerve center of the entire system. It continuously monitors the internal environment of the system and automatically counters harsh weather elements (extreme temperatures, sand and humidity) by engaging built-in defenses.

This latest addition to Norsat's product portfolio has been designed to withstand harsh transport and operating conditions. The GLOBETrekker sports three physical layers of protection including a hard shell exterior, shock absorbing foam inserts and shock-mounted baseband.

The GLOBETrekker supports data transmission rates of up to four megabits per second. It is capable of operating on multiple bands, including the Ku, Ka and X bands. The GLOBETrekker is a highly integrated system which includes a 1m carbon fiber antenna, RF electronics, motorized azimuth/elevation superstructure, motorized feed assembly, built-in inclinometer, compass, GPS and a baseband unit with a modem, spectrum analyzer, DVB-S receiver, Ethernet switch, DC-DC converter and shock protected chassis.

"The response already has been extremely positive," Coyne said. "GLOBETrekker is the right product at the right time for a broad array of applications."

Norsat is currently accepting advance orders for this new product. Norsat can be found in Booth OEE145 in the Outdoor Europa Exhibit Area at IBC 2005 in Amsterdam, between September 9th and September 13th, 2005, and at Booth 1145 in the Canadian Pavilion section of DSEi at the ExCeL Centre in London, between September 13th and 16th, 2005.

About Norsat International

Norsat International, Inc. designs, engineers and markets intelligent satellite solutions for high-speed data transmission. For more than 25 years, Norsat has built a strong reputation in the field of satellite technology by providing its customers with innovative products and has now sold over 2.5 million products in 87 countries around the world. Norsat's latest innovation is the Norsat OmniLink™ line of portable satellite terminal products that provide rapidly deployable broadband satellite data and video connectivity in areas where traditional communications infrastructure is insufficient, damaged, or non-existent. Norsat's sectors of concentration include Health Care, Military, Emergency Services and Media.

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