Gmail for Android got a big update today, bringing support for some long-awaited features like the long-absent combined inbox.

The update to the Gmail Android app, which starts rolling out today, now gives you a merged inbox to view all of your accounts' new mail in one place. It's a feature that's been around for years on many other mobile email apps (including Apple's), but it was conspicuously missing from Gmail.

With today's update, you also get, for the first time, threaded conversation views for Yahoo!, Outlook and other non-Gmail accounts. Perhaps the arrival of Microsoft's Outlook for Android preview for Android, which supports both Google's and Microsoft's accounts (among others) spurred on the improved non-Gmail account support.

Rounding out the update, Google also improved its search within the app (with "better auto-complete") and added some "more responsive" animations.

The update hasn't shown up in the Play Store on my main Android device just yet, so you may not be able to snag it just yet (sometimes these updates have staggered roll-outs, but it should arrive before long). You can read more at the source link below.

Source: Google

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