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LG 60 inch PDP Screen

LG 60 inch PDP Screen
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LG's display with the mostest. The high definition 60 inch screen (152cm) screen looks like a giant picture frame, being just 10cm thick, but it is the most impressive display available for home entertainment, for trade shows, or for anywhere where public information might need to be displayed with clarity, SIZE and a wide viewing angle.

At 160 degrees of viewing angle, the only more effective medium is paper. Utilising Plazma Display Panel (PDP) technology, the 1280x720 resolution screen is compatible with PC, DVD, VCR, and video games. At $39,999, it isn't cheap, but it is twice the size of the largest LCD and offers both clarity and size. For those of less aristocratic means, the standard definition 40 inch 4:3 PDP screen and the 42 inch PDP widescreen models both sell for $12,999.

View gallery - 5 images
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