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Homedics Select Therapist Deluxe

Homedics Select Therapist Delu...
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If you've ever bought something which claimed to be a massager and found it to be fragile, weak or better designed for more delicate vibrational purposes, you will be pleased to know that the Homedics Therapist Select deluxe is the first massager we've found which is designed to work on serious muscle mass. Billed as a programmable percussion massager, it has an array of massage styles, strengths and speeds, and comes with four interchangeable heads for soft, medium, hard and heated massage.

Though this is not a new concept, the durability and robustness of the product surprised us. Anyone who regularly works out, plays sport, cops bruises and doesn't always have a loved one to rub the sore spots will find it invaluable. RRP is $139.95, available at Myer, Grace Brothers, David Jones or call Homedics on 1 300 728 223.

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