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Advanced Neuromodulation Systems

Advanced Neuromodulation Systems
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Advanced Neuromodulation Systems has been given approval to begin marketing its Genesis Totally Implantable Pulse Generator (IPG). The Genesis uses Spinal Cord Stimulation (SCS) technology to manage chronic pain by interfering with the transmission of pain signals sent to the brain.

There are two types of SCS technology - Radio Frequency (RF) and IPG. RF devices use an externally rechargeable power transmitter, worn on a belt like a pager, that directs radio frequency energy to an implanted receiver. The receiver is connected to implanted leads containing a number of electrodes and converts this energy into mild electrical impulses that stimulate targeted nerve fibres and interupt pain signals. IPG devices incorporate a small battery within the implanted device to create the electrical impulses. Because the power source is implanted, surgery is required to change the battery and hence IPGs are best prescribed for chronic pain where less power and programming flexibility is required.

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