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Programmed Massaging Chair

Programmed Massaging Chair
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The Osim Millenium Chair will be available in Australia for the first time in July when Osim opens the first of many new retail outlets in this country, beginning with a Sydney location. Osim is the market leader in health lifestyle products in most Asian countries with more than 300 stores and plans a rapid expansion. The company's premium product is the Millenium Chair which embodies a sophisticated combination of air, roller and vibration systems to give the user a full body massage. A specially designed roller system moves in a wavelike motion along the users spine and back to effectively massage the muscles. The chair has three massage programs built in which combine rolling, pointing, kneading and tapping functions. We tried the chair in Singapore earlier this year and can vouch for its effectiveness. Not cheap at an anticipated AUS$5888, but robust and at $60 an hour for a masseur, should pay for itself in no time. For more info, see

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