Rugged Go Book Max

Rugged Go Book Max
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Itronix claims there is no more rugged notebook computer available, and to prove it they've put the GoBook Max through a rigorous testing regime - it's survived 54 drops from over ten metres onto plywood over concrete, been baked in an oven and exceeds military specifications for water resistance, vibration and dust. Built to deliver reliable field service under extreme conditions, the GoBook Max includes a CDPD antenna as part of its integrated wireless setup and RF contacts for external vehicle-mounted antennas. All structural components of the 2.81 kg notebook are die-cast magnesium, its 20 GB hard disk drive is shock mounted and the processor is a 700 MHz Pentium III. The Max is also "intrinsically safe" - a military term meaning it doesn't emit any sparks that may cause explosions in the wrong environment - and the touch-screen interface and built-in handle enhance its portability. If you're not convinced about how rugged it is, look closely at the pic below. For more info, see the manufacturers at and

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