The Flip-Pad Voyager dual-monitor mobile workstation

The Flip-Pad Voyager dual-moni...
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The Flip-Pad Voyager is an advance in personal computing design of which Mr.Rubix would have been proud. The first dual-monitor mobile workstation, Flip-Pad's quad-fold design allows maximum working size and minimum carrying size by folding from the size of a conventional notebook to PDA size.

The split screen architecture and rotating LCD hinge dramatically enhances multi-tasking capabilities – two programs can be viewed simultaneously and items dragged and dropped without wasting time minimizing windows, spreadsheets can be displayed over the full 20 inches of the dual-monitor screen and two pages of text can be read without scrolling.

Head-to-head gaming also becomes a different ballgame on the Flip-Pad along with other multi-user interaction applications such as dual-screen PowerPoint presentations. Equipped to eplace a desktop, the Flip-Pad is impressively specced, and when unfolded, a full sized keyboard is available.

The Voyager is Windows XP compatible and it is expected to begin shipping to US customers in September. The Flip-Pad Voyager will be priced at US$4,999. For more information, visit

View gallery - 7 images
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