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Xitel Hi Fi link

Xitel Hi Fi link
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Xitel's HiFi-Link improves the audio capabilities of personal computers by providing a high-quality signal to stereo equipment through a USB line out that by-passes the PC's built-in soundcard. Because the HiFi-Link processes digital audio directly from the USB it results in better reproduction than a generic soundcard built for use with headphones and small multimedia systems. It transmits the signal from outside the "noisy" environment inside the box, reducing interference from other components that emit electromagnetic radiation. Two-versions are available to convert the computer's digital audio into either an analogue or optical digital signal. Compatible with all digital media formats on PC and Mac, the HiFi-Link requires no driver installation, includes a ten metre audio cable and the digital and analogue versions cost AUS$159 and AUS$120 respectively. Available online at

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