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Ingenious Dual Play MP3

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The most ingenious MP3 player we've seen in a long while is the Dual Play Multi Format Digital Audio Player - an MP3 player that can be played in the tape deck of your car. With the same footprint as an audio cassette, the Dual Play has 64Mb of expandable on-board Flash Memory and most importantly, the unit can be used as a stand-alone with headphones. Fast forward, rewind and other functions can be operated through the tape deck interface and an on-board microphone enables 130 minutes of voice recording. The USB interface delivers a download speed of 2.5 Mb/s though battery life is limited at just six hours. The Dual Play 64Mb costs AUS$349 - the 128Mb version costs AUS$399 and 256Mb version costs AUS$579. See

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There was a company that was selling a simalar cassette \'MP3\' player for only $19.00, yes $19.00 bucks. That cassette/MP3 player didn\'t deal with \'Mbs\' like this one featured in the article, it has a \'sim card\' slot and can take cards up to 4gbs. So lets see, buy the $19 dollar version, buy a sim card say 2gbs for another $19 bucks and for $38 bucks I have a $38 buck 2gbs cassette/MP3 player v.s. paying $579 for 256mb!!
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