The iDP-100 functions as a digital music player, recorder and media burner with the ability to store up to 11 hours of music per 500Mb dataplay disk. Featuring 8Mb SDRAM for buffering, remote control, five equaliser presets and an LCD interface that caters for 35 languages, the iDP-100 supports Multi CODEC formats including MP3, WMA, AAC, QDX and is capable of reading and writing onto the DataPlay digital media format so it can be also used as a portable hard disk. Transfer is via USB interface and the batteries provide 11 hours of play-back. Weighing just 153.5gms including the battery, the iDP will be available from Rome products in October for AUS$595 with each 500Mb rewritable dataplay disk costing AUS$15 extra. For a full set of links and references, visit, or

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