Zap Powerski

Zap Powerski
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Turning every road into a downhill run and adding a whole new dimension to owning a set of inline skates, the Zap POWERSKI is capable of towing its 'skier' at speeds of up to 24km/h. Designed for use with roller-blades or skateboards, the POWERSKI is made up of two steering 'poles' attached to a plastic and steel casing containing twin sealed 12V electric motors driving eight inch pneumatic tyres.

The speed is controlled via the trigger switch on the hand-grip that acts as both throttle and brake, and steering using the poles delivers a 'zero' turning radius. The whisper quiet POWERSKI boasts enough torque to pull an average person up just about any hill and the rechargeable battery provides a range of up to 11km depending on the terrain.We can only imagine how much fun you could have with one of these! Available for US$399 online at www.zapworld.com, an investment in the POWERSKI will go a long way towards beating the end of ski season blues.

View gallery - 4 images
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