Miniature Spycam with sound

Miniature Spycam with sound
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The ultimate surveillance system is put together by Brisbane Spygear retailer Ozspy to enable professionals and amateurs alike to do the professional voyeur thing. The system consists of a wireless camera which transmits to a handheld LCD video surveillance unit within 100 metres of the camera. The surveillance LCD is about half the size of a laptop and you can have the option of a stealthcam (3cm x 3cm x 10cm) or creditcardcam (pictured) with this unit, plus batterychargers, all for less than AUS$1000. The creditcard cam is apparently ideal for slipping into shirt-pockets (you'll need to make a hole in your shirt though) while the stealth cam is a better for locating in handbags, personal organisers and other hand-carried devices. It's also possible to record what you see by plugging it into a handicam.The entire system can be had for AUS$990 from Ozspy, call 1300 553779 or visit

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