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Spidi Airbag Jacket

Spidi Airbag Jacket
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The concept of airbags has saved many lives in car accidents but the inherent vulnerability of the motorcyclist is difficult to address. The recent introduction by Spidi of an airbagtype jacket is worth some consideration for those who wish to minimise the risks as the jacket contains several different innovations designed to reduce bodily damage in the happenstance of getting rubber-side-up. The Spidi DPS 02 airbag jacket contains a unique lanyard-operated carbon dioxide airbag which inflates as the rider parts company with the machine. The airbag provides protection for the neck, shoulders and back, but isn't the only protection contained within the H2OUT membrane, which is waterproof yet at the same time breathes. The jacket incorporates a back protector and composite armour in the shoulders, elbow and forearms. Available only in black, from small to XXL, the Spidi is absolutely bristling with features, such as the removable aluminium thermal liner, water-proof inner and outer pockets, anti-flap adjustment straps on the sleeves and replacement CO2 gas bottles are available. Costing AUS$1199 the DPS is available from Monza Imports, (03) 9328 1798 or visit www.monzaimports.com.au.

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