Hybrid Digital Camcorder delivers 3 megapixel stills

Hybrid Digital Camcorder deliv...
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Set for an Australian launch next month, Panasonic's NV-MX500 still-video digital camera hybrid incorporates a high-resolution Leica Dicomar lens and an image stabiliser to reduce picture degradation when in camcorder mode, and produces a 3.0 megapixel image when used to capture still images. Like several high-end digital cameras, the NV-MX500 includes 3CCD (charge-coupled device) recording, meaning that instead of one CCD catering for three colours (red, green and Blue), there is a single device for each colour, producing a far more vibrant image. The MX500 costs AUS$4399 and will be available in October. Call Panasonic on 132 600 to learn more.

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