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Oven that thinks it's a Refrigerator

Oven that thinks it's a Refrig...
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The Polara range of ovens from Whirlpool combines the two most incompatible kitchen appliances - it's an oven that acts like a fridge. The unique oven allows you to prepare a dish, place it in the oven where it keeps cool all day to begin cooking at a pre-programmed time so that dinner's ready when you get home. Polara will even switch back to refrigeration if you arrive home late.

The cooking capabilities of the Istandard-sized 30-inch Polara range include a convection system that delivers up to 30% faster cooking times and it will keep food cool for up to 24 hours before it begis cooking. Available in Black, Pure Biscuit, Pure White and Stainless Steel for US$1799-$1899. No word as yet on an Australian release.

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