A large wall mounted plasma screen can look somewhat redundant when you're not watching moving pictures so why not let it double as a static piece of artwork. Vision Art makes this possible by concealing wall-mounted plasma television screens behind
Giclee Limited Edition Fine Art Prints.

A remote controlled, motorised, retracting canvas is used to hide the plasma screen and by pushing the "Up" button the canvas silently retracts up inside the frame to reveal the screen . The "Up" and" Down" functions can also be integrated into a touchscreen or home automation system and to preserve the "feel" of the artist's original creation prints are digitally reproduced using the giclee ink spray method in which four million drops per inch of water-based ink are sprayed onto canvas attached to a spinning drum and then silk-screen varnished to enhance the colour definition and texture.

The hardwood frames are available in eight styles and 28 stock finishes with 300 works including art by five featured artists to choose from.

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