This fully wired "polyfunctional" couch from Philips Design is a signpost for the future of human interaction with the everyday objects around them. Based on Philips vision of "Ambient Culture" - an environment where intelligent systems embedded in our homes, offices and public spaces become actively involved in catering for our needs - Q4 Plugged consists of four (140 x 140cm) square stools which can be used separately or arranged in conjunction with slot-in arm-rests, back-rests and table elements to create anything from a traditional couch to a square enclosed "open boat" lounge. Q4's electrical connectivity includes a music player fitted to one unit with the control panel 'embroidered' in the arm-rest and loudspeakers hidden in another. Electrical sockets are concealed as "buttons" in the stool modules and one unit has a power lead that enables the entire couch to be connected to mains power. Accessories include a wall projector, a web screen and a table lamp for use with light-emitting polymers. Part of the "Smart Connections" project from Philips that showcases several new integrated, wearable and ambient technologies, more information can be found at