The SOLO Personal Ski Machine is electronically controlled by thumb-operated buttons on the tow handle enabling one person to become the skier, driver and the spotter.

According to the manufacturer, SOLO is powerful enough for some serious skiing and the 95 hp engine is quieter than most conventional 2 strokes. Developed by water skiers and with a top-end speed of 65kmh, SOLO is capable of deep-water slalom starts and operates in fresh and salt water.

A kill switch is built into the handle so that the engine shuts down and brings the boat to a quick stop when you fall off. An automatic "downed-skier" flag also pops up when the skier falls and retracts when the engine is re-started.

The SOLO is also relatively easy to transport at approximately 170kgs and 2.4m in length.
The SOLO costs US$7495. SOLO Watersports is currently in the process of establishing an Australian distributor. See for full specs and video images.

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