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Kangoo Jumps: trampolines for your feet

Kangoo Jumps: trampolines for ...
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Evoking images of astronauts bounding across the surface of the moon, Kangoo Jumps are low impact rebound sport shoes designed to provide a safe platform for jogging and other exercises that are notoriously hard on the joints. The boots use a lightweight leaf-spring to absorb shocks due to impact on the ground and create a rebound effect that reduces shock impact on ankles, knees, hips and lower back by up to 60%.Originally developed in Switzerland for joggers, Kangoo Jumps also provide benefits for athletic strengthening and conditioning, rehabilitation and injury prevention, group aerobics (renamed Kangoo'Robic by converts), games, or just plain fun.The unique floating sensation created by Kangoo Jumps has to be experienced to be understood.The Jumps deliver the benefit of 50 minutes exercise in only 20 minutes and the injury prevention potential has already caught the attention of several elite football teams. The boots can be used indoors or outdoors on paved roads, dirt paths and grass as well as at the beach or on snow.

Kangoo Jumps also help revitalise and "train every cell in your body" without the need for strenuous exercise according to the manufacturers. Using Kangoo Jumps "exercises" cells by gently elongating and compressing the cytoplasm they each contain and also stimulates the lymphatic or immune system - the system responsible for cleansing and carrying nutrients to our body's 75 trillion cells.

Although these benefits could also be provided by a trampoline, the key to Kangoo Jumps is that they add mobility to the equation.

N.A.S.A. has found rebound exercise to be the best form of exercise for astronauts because it restores bone and muscle mass lost during time spent in outer space. Consequently Kangoo Jumps are recommended for people suffering osteoporosis, with the "slow-motion" steps and exercises of Kangoo Aerobics make it suitable for middle aged and senior people.The enjoyable nature of the exercise (ie. it beats push ups and jogging in standard runners) has seen the Jumps used successfully in programs combating obesity in young people in the US.

Kangoo Jumps cost between US$169 for the Junior Kangoo Jumps through to US$279 for the Professional heavy duty, kick-butt models for athletes and can be purchased on-line.

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