Kelix Energies has developed a heating and cooling system that performs effectively without the use of a refrigeration compressor. Cooling systems can only operate if the refrigerant is maintained at a constant high pressure, a task performed by high-maintenance, inefficient compressors in conventional systems. By replacing compressors with a process called Centrifugal Heat Transfer (CHT), Kelix have reduced the amount of electricity needed for effective cooling and created a system with fewer moving parts that's less susceptible to mechanical failure.

CHT technology creates the necessary pressure differential via centrifugal force - heat transfer is achieved as the refrigerant passes from the condenser section, through a throttling device, and into the evaporator section.

The highly scalable Kelix heat transfer system allows the use of a wide variety of environmentally safe refrigerants at lower amperage rates. Combined with minimal space requirements and the ability to operate independently of any internal combustion engine, the Kelix system has the potential to dramatically expand air-conditioning applications at home, in the office and in automobiles.

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