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Cross-Platform Wireless Recharging

Cross-Platform Wireless Recharging
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It's the modern day equivalent of a ball of string - the hopelessly tangled and mismatched collection of recharging cords that accumulates in the bottom drawer - one for each mobile phone, MP3 player or PDA you've ever owned and none of them compatible with each other. The ingenious solution offered by Slashpower is to completely banish cords and recharge wirelessly - simply place the mobile device on the "SplashPad" and it recharges using inductive power transfer.

The technology is made up of the portable, 6mm thick SplashPad that can be powered from any electric outlet and a "SplashModule" receiver that's customized to the shape, size and power requirements of any mobile device. Once fitted with the sub-millimeter thin module, phones or PDAs are able to receive wireless power from the pad.

Promising low cost and efficient power transfer, the Splashpad can recharge multiple devices simultaneously and has in-built protection from over-voltage.

SplashPad technology has the potential to be incorporated into automotive, home and office design and the company sees a use of wireless inductive power transfer in everything from desk lamps to self-warming coffee mugs.

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