Sci-fi glasses become fashion eyewear

Sci-fi glasses become fashion ...
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A set of glasses that receive data directly and discreetly on an integrated miniature screen have been shown at CeBit 2003. Eyetop, the first commercial pair of glasses with an integrated monitor can be connected to all digital devices (cameras, jukeboxes, etc.) with a video output, as well as to many PCs and PDAs. The tiny high-resolution colour screen sits in one of the sidepieces so that the user can view the screen with one eye while maintaining visual contact with the surrounding environment. Appearing as a large format monitor, the screen is visible both day and night and simple adjustments allow Eyetop to be adapted to all faces.When combined with portable DVD player or jukebox, Eyetop will make a great companion on long trips, as well providing significant confidentiality for viewing information in public transport or in the street.Set for commercial release in mid 2003, the EyeTop glasses will cost US$700 and those interested can pre-register for an online purchase at www.eyetop.net.

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