Anyone who has ever experienced the frustrating and often soaking-wet joys of launching and retreiving a boat can appreciate this New Zealand innovation. Sealegs represents the first commercially available amphibious option for small boats available anywhere in the world, allowing the occupants to drive from a storage location, down a boat ramp or beach and into the water whilst staying high and dry inside the boat.The Sealegs motorised, retractable and steerable boat wheels are fitted to a customised 4.7m rigid inflatable boat giving the user a variable speed of 0-10KPH in both forward and reverse - so it wont be useful on the freeway. The system is currently available on boats in the 4m - 6m size range with a total weight of up to 750kg.The patentpending concept from New Zealand uses powerful motorised wheels that are retracted when the boat is on the water. When in this position the legs are completely out of the water and the boat can be driven and used as normal. For the reverse situation, where the boat is returning to land, the Sealegs wheels are lowered whilst still in the water and the boat driven towards shore until the wheels touch the botom and the boat can be driven back up the beach.With the sheer convenience of driving the boat onto land, Sealegs is ideal for those lucky enough to reside on the waterfront, or for use as a luxury yacht tender. The Sealegs system utilises all submersible components and is Salt Water ready. Visit to learn more.

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