Smart Clothing for the slopes - Oakley's Radiator Jacket

Smart Clothing for the slopes - Oakley's Radiator Jacket
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Tuesday July 22, 2003Gizmo's ongoing interest in clothing that uses innovative design and new technology to enhance its function has brought us to the ski slopes this season, where examples of smart clothing like the Radiator Jacket from Oakley are hard at work. The Radiator Jacket features a Gore inflatable Airvantage insert that acts as an insulation device by storing heat in its inflatable chambers during activity and radiating this heat back to the body when stationary.The adjustable climate control facilitated by the inflatable insert means that the wearer can choose to release the stored heat at the optimum time - when riding a ski-lift for example - so that the heat generated form your own body can be controlled with maximum efficiency and minimizing the risk of catching a dreaded ski-weekend chill.The Oakley Radiator Jacket Costs AUD$1,699.Gizmo will examine more of the latest snow-based clothing and gear over coming weeks - check back to www.gizmo.com.au for more details.

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