Aprilia 2004 RSV 1000 R Factory arrives

Aprilia 2004 RSV 1000 R Factory arrives
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Thursday October 30, 2003

The latest Aprilia supersport bike is an enhanced RSV 1000 R that brings together a twin V60 Magnesium engine and new RSV 1000 R settings with special ultra-light materials and quality production components to bring the Factory model up to track-riding standards.

John Sample Automotive, the Australian Importer for Aprilia and Moto Guzzi motorcycles, transformed Woolloomooloo's Otto Restaurant for the launch of the 2004 Aprilia RSV 1000 R Factory motorcycle late last month.

The new bike was unveiled by Motorcycle legend Peter Goddard - Aprilia's first RSV Factory Superbike Rider winner of many titles around the world - at the launch late last month.

Described as an "RSV 1000 R raised to the umpteenth power" the most notable differences between the the RSV 1000 R Factory and the RSV 1000 R include radial callipers, fully adjustable 'hlins fork, adjustable shock absorber, steering damper fitted as standard, forged aluminium wheels, a rider's saddle with non-slip racing seat and carbon parts.

The engine is the same V60 Magnesium already fitted to the RSV 1000 R. It pumps out 138.72 hp (102 kW) at 9,500 rpm with a maximum torque of 107 Nm at 7,500 rpm and the double-silencer exhaust with three-way catalytic converter brings the RSV 1000 R Factory within the Euro 2 limits.

The Factory also has the same double banana swing arm and light frame as the RSV 1000 R, apart from its black colour.

The 43 mm upside-down 'hlins Racing fork is titanium nitride coated to optimize smoothness. The wheel travel is 120 mm. Like the racing models, the fork rebound, compression and preload may be precision adjusted.

The forged aluminium brake calliper mounting bracket allows the new radial callipers to be fitted, perfectly in line with the latest GP and world SBK trends.

The rear 'hlins Racing shock absorber originates directly from experience on the track. It is fitted with a separate piggy back nitrogen cylinder built into the body. It has adjustable rebound, compression, preload and length in order to lift and lower the rear axle and adjust the suspension to different riding styles and different race tracks.

A continuous tyre pressure measuring system that keeps the alignment under complete control according to the settings and suspension is among the optional components.

The radial clamp front braking system was developed by Aprilia together with Brembo to deliver more effective braking and better responsiveness. The system reduces "elasticity" because the radial mounting prevents any movement of the calliper itself and increases pad life, as well as enhancing stability and reducing the difference between hot and cold performance.

Attention to detail in every component is evident in the extensive use of carbon components to make the motorbike lighter and more refined. The mudguards and several parts of the fairing are made of extremely light "woven carbon composite" and the RSV 1000 R Factory headstock shaft is made of aluminium and not steel.

One of the most distinctive parts of the bike, the exclusively designed wheels are forged from Anticorodal 6061 aluminium using an 8,000 ton hydraulic press.

This technique produces wheels without defects or the porosity which may result from the casting process. The weight saving is exceptional: about 25% less for each wheel compared with the lightest wheels on the market made using the traditional aluminium casting technique. Inertia is consequently 25 % lower than for cast aluminium alloy wheels.

The wheels are also anodized and not painted, leading to a further weight saving on this essential component and ensures they keep their characteristic colour for the whole life of the bike. The quest for less-weight also extends to the technical wheel data, which is carved into the wheel itself rather than embossed (which would add more material to the wheel).

All this attention to detail has resulted in a dry weight of only 185 kg for the RSV 1000 R Factory.

The RSV 1000 R Factory has a RRP of AUD$33,500 and the RSV 1000 R costs AUD$25,500.

Australia will receive the RSV 1000 R Factory in Aprilia Black/Diablo Black only; and the RSV 1000 R in Lead Grey/Magnet Grey and Fluro Red/Lead Grey.

A fashion parade of the Aprilia Racing Collection - Italian streetwear inspired by Aprilia's Factory Race Team - and the Moto Guzzi Collection followed the unveiling of the RSV 1000R Factory.

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