If you've got a thing about Darryl Hannah and the movie "Splash", this offering from the 2003 Neiman Marcus Christmas Book could be the ideal plaything. It's a mermaid outfit. And not just any one-size-fits-all fish-tail, but a custom designed suit by Thom Shouse, who has more than 20 years of experience creating mermaid suits for film and television.The US$10,000 mermaid package included in the Neiman Marcus Chrstmas Book included a consultation and custom fitting for the suit (complete with faux-pearl accented shell top), training for how to swim with a tail covering the hips and legs and instructions on how to maintain this unique pool accessory.

Unfortunately, once the 2003 Christmas Season was over, the line was discontinued - if you want a once in a lifetime chance, wait for the 2005 Christmas Book which will be available in October.

If any Gizmag readers know of an alternative source of mermaid suits, please let us know - we keep getting enquiries from readers wanting one.

It seems that Darryl made quite an impression on the psyche of some in the movie Splash.