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BUSHPIG 20mph Motorised Skateboard

BUSHPIG 20mph Motorised Skateboard
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UPDATED March 2005 Somewhere between a mini-motorcycle and a motorised-skateboard lies the Wheelman BUSHPIG, a new form of motorised transport that utilises motor and frame supported at each end by a spokeless wheel into which feet can be inserted whilst standing upright. The use of wheels without axles not only adds to the intriguing design but also provides a very low centre of gravity , strength and a significant saving in weight as well as giving you somewhere to put your feet. Check out the new video of the BUSHPIG in action inside!

The unique ride offered by the Wheelman draws on body movement for steering as in skating and surfing (although at low speeds the front wheel can be angled from side to side with your foot) and the speed is controlled by a pneumatic ball held in the hand - to stop you just stop squeezing the ball.

Similarities to surfing, snowboarding or skating plus the all-weather nature of the Wheelman also make it a great cross training tool according to the manufacturers.Power is provided by a 43cc, 2 stroke engine with the average rider of 80-90kg able to achieve a top speed of between 16-20mph.

The one litre tank holds enough fuel for around an hour and a half of riding.

Grant Taylor has developed the Wheelman Bushpig from the principal concept over the past 20 years with refinement by production design engineer Muzza Grant. Currently the models are hand made in Queensland, Australia.

The New Generation Wheelman costs US$1500.00 plus P&H and is available in black and metallic silver.

Check out the Bushpig in action here (quicktime video).

View gallery - 4 images
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