Video-capture binoculars provide Instant Replay

Video-capture binoculars provi...
The Bushnell Instant Replay
The Bushnell Instant Replay
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The Bushnell Instant Replay
The Bushnell Instant Replay

November 18, 2003 The Bushnell Instant Replay is a first of its kind, 3-in-1 device that incorporates an 8X magnification optical binocular, a 2.1 megapixel digital camera and a video-capturing unit that allows you to record and view action in a continuous 30-second video loop -so there's always an instant replay at the ready.

The video-capture enables last 30-seconds of whatever the user is watching is to be recorded by pressing a single button - an extremely useful function at sporting events like cricket where the action happens so fast, and sometimes so infrequently, that its easy to miss. Images and videos can immediately be viewed via the pop-up colour LCD screen and the device includes 16Mb of internal memory plus compact flash storage.

The Instant Replay was recently awarded the Popular Science 2003 Best of What's New Award (BOWN) in the "gadgets" category, and is available now.

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