Friday december 12, 2003

With brand values borrowing heavily from America's military muscle, and evangelists such as Arnold Schwarzeneger, the Hummer name has serious brute attitude. To date, there have been two Hummers for sale to the public - the US$100,000+ military vehicle and the slightly more civilised H2.

Yesterday Hummer unveiled a concept vehicle which extends the brand to an even more civilised, more environmentally responsible and smaller sports utility vehicle - the H3T concept. Not yet scheduled for production, but tipped to be the next vehicle to be added to the Hummer range, the H3T is much smaller than we're used to (it's based on a modified GM midsize truck platform) and is powered by an in-line-five turbocharged engine producing 350 hp.

The H3T features a pickup tray with side-access doors and a power-operated folding canvas sunroof and drop-down rear window to offer open-air driving. GM and designers from sports apparel giant Nike Inc. collaborated on several aspects of the vehicle, including its tires and seats. The H3T's seats incorporate lightweight material used in Nike clothing that can cool or warm the body without mechanics.

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