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Matsushita Electric releases A4-sized Wireless LCD Projector

Matsushita Electric releases A...
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Portable projection technology is advancing rapidly as evidenced by the release this week (April 20) of the Sirius Jr. TH-LB10NT from Matsushita Electric.

The device is a compact, A4-sized portable LCD data projector and supports up to four simultaneous IEEE802.11b wireless PC connections to enable users to display one or more PC images on a single screen, making it an ideal projector for team-building and encouraging and facilitating collaboration.

The projector features three 0.7-inch LCD panels and a 155W UHM lamp to deliver a brightness of 2,000 ANSI lumens and a contrast ratio of 500:1.

The 2.2kg Sirius measures 297x65x210mm, and can project an 80-inch screen image from a distance of 2.4 metres.

The Sirius has initially gone on sale for JPN Y417,900.

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