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LPG-powered Portable fuel cell system is 25% smaller

LPG-powered Portable fuel cell system is 25% smaller
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View gallery - 7 images , the world’s first developer of fuel cell technology portable generators, has launched an updated version of its VE100.

The VE100 v2 is smaller and lighter than the VE100 and delivers more power output.

The VE100 v2 will be unveiled at the Fuel Cell Forum in Lucerne, Switzerland on 30 June 2004. Advance orders for the VE100 v2 can be taken immediately.

Voller Energy launched the VE100 at the Grove Fuel Cell event in London in September 2003. At its launch, the VE100 was recognised as the world’s first hand held portable fuel cell system with self contained hydrogen storage.

The VE100 v2 weight has been pared back to 6.0 kilograms from the v1’s 8.5 kg and it’s size has been reduced from 39 x 34 x 19 cm to 30 x 28 x 19 cm, reductions of 30% and 36% respectively.

A significant innovation in the VE100 v2 is the addition of a new LPG (Liquid Petroleum Gas) reformer that enables the unit to be powered by either stored hydrogen or from propane or butane - known variously as Calor Gas, LPG, Camping Gaz or BBQ gas in different parts of the world.

Voller Energy is working on a range of solutions to provide mains power in remote locations and for battery charging. As Voller Energy portable fuel cell systems produce little noise and no green house gas emissions they can often be used where conventional generators cannot.

The VE100 is an alternative energy mains generator and battery charger that can be used for quiet, clean power. It has a wide range of applications including charging cordless tool batteries, remote power for temporary buildings, power-backup, quiet power for RV’s, boats, yachts, camping and leisure, and for military use. Stephen Voller, CEO and Founder of Voller Energy, said: “We have a strategy to bring real products to market as soon as possible. What sets us apart from others is that we have real product in the market today. By making this new product smaller and more affordable we are opening the fuel cell market up for the first time.”

As well as providing more power output than the previous version, the VE100 v2 enables the fuel storage options to deliver more energy.

The VE100 v2 is available in both standard EU 230v 50Hz and US 110v 60Hz versions. Systems also have a 12v DC ‘cigar lighter’ output typical for charging mobile telephone, laptop or conventional automobile 12v lead acid batteries.

View gallery - 7 images
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