Space Elevator project seeking public interest

Space Elevator project seeking...
Space Elevator 2010(artist's impression)
Space Elevator 2010(artist's impression)
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Space Elevator 2010(artist's impression)
Space Elevator 2010(artist's impression)

The Spaceward foundation has announced the Elevator:2010 project, aimed at encouraging public, academic and private sector involvement with development of the Space Elevator.

Popularised in science fiction, a Space Elevator hauling cargo up a ground-to-orbit tether was once considered by scientists an interesting but impractical idea.

According to Spaceward, recent advances in Carbon Nanotube technology have brought the possibility of constructing a Space Elevator tantalizingly close, and ignited active development in the scientific, academic and government sectors.

Elevator:2010 will announce a set of challenges and competitions focused on various Space Elevator concepts and technologies. In addition, Elevator:2010 has embarked on a public showcase of space elevator development and related technologies through ongoing exhibitions at public events and scientific and technology museums across America.

Elevator:2010 is a Spaceward Foundation project. The Spaceward Foundation is a publicly funded, non-profit organisation dedicated to furthering space science and technology in the public mindshare and in educational curriculums.

For more information, visit the Elevator:2010 web site (

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Just read an article in Gizmag about the fastest elevator going 40 mph. The space elevator is 22,000 miles high. It\'ll only take 23 days for a trip to the top. I think they\'re going to have to make much faster elevators. The trip would only take a day if they could get the elevator speed up to 1000mph.