The quest for reality experiences from our digital entertainment devices seems to be a reliable trend, and heaven knows where we’ll be with this quest a decade from now.

Gizmo recently reported on the D-Box ''motion simulator'' for home theatres which synchronises the movement of the viewer's seat to the action on screen. Now there’s a seemingly similar device being incorporated a plush lounge chair known as the Gamepod.

Apart from being a groundbreaking sixth invention in the last six weeks which Gizmo has reported on with the word POD in its name, the Gamepod apparently heightens the sensual experience of video games through high quality speakers and tactile sound technology embedded in the chair.

There’s not a great deal of info available at this stage, but as we understand it, the idea is that you plug the chair into your game console or computer and the sound is amplified on a body level through the chair so you can feel it. Unlike the D-Box, which has secially constructed vibration scripts to download, the Gamepod appears to work on the soundtrack alone, but given that the soundtrack has a high correlation with explosions, crashes and so on, it might just be the ticket to a more exhilarating experience.

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