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Computerised loo generates electricity when flushed

Computerised loo generates ele...
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As the humble computer continues its march into every nook and cranny, it offers unprecedented capability to many household objects which one might have thought entirely adequate. Take for example the toilet just released by Japanese manufacturer The computerised, eco friendly toilet basin is designed to fully automate the bathroom experience... so all you have to do is sit and be serviced!

Its sensor system raises the lid as the user approaches and a hand operated panel to the side of the basin enables bidet-like automatic waterjet washing for sanitary cleaning - no hands needed. When you're finished, simply stand up and the computerized basin flushes automatically!

Now this level of functionality is impressive, but by no means unique - what's so clever about the Toto system is that it GENERATES electricity from the movement of water being flushed from the cistern into the bowl - this toilet runs on eco-friendly hydroelectric power. It stores the electricity in a dry cell battery that lasts ten years without replacement.

As well as facilitating a safe and efficient bathroom experience, the TOTO computerized toilet minimizes water use to when it's really needed, by running a voltage over the contents of the bowl prior to flushing, analyzing the minimum amount of water required to achieve the result, and hence it uses an absolute minimum of water. When used in public toilets it also ensures maximum sanitary conditions through its non contact design.

Thanks to TOTO, the smallest room in the house has just become the most efficient!

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