The MINOX Leica M3 - a bonsai Digital SLR with 4.0 Megapixels!

The MINOX Leica M3 - a bonsai ...
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The digital classic camera Leica M3 from the optical and miniaturisation specialists MINOX of Germany, shoots 4 megapixel images and is a replica of the Leica classic camera in ultra miniature format.

Although unusual, the MINOX Digital Classic Camera Leica M3 is both easy to use and ideal for those getting started in the field of digital photography and want classic convention rather than high-tech.

Up to 99 images can be recorded on the internal 32 MB memory. The camera includes a USB cable for the convenient and fast transfer of the images onto a PC. The LCD display on the camera back provides information on the number of images left to shoot at any one time.

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1 comment
AFAIK this isn\'t an SLR as it has a separate viewfinder. SLR means \"Single Lens Reflex\", the last word referring to the moving internal mirror employed in such cameras...