November 16, 2004 LG Electronics have pushed the boundaries for home theatre with the announcement of a massive 71-inch high-definition (HDTV) monitor for use in Presidential Suites at premium hotels. Unveiled recently at the LG Electronics booth at the 2004 International Hotel/Motel & Restaurant Show, the 71-inch monitor is the first plasma display panel (PDP) measured in feet, not inches.

The model number MW-71PY10 boasts 1920 x 1080 pixel resolution, the highest-definition format available. Driven by LG's exclusive XD Engine, this 71-inch PDP displays crisp, brilliant HDTV images taking low-resolution analog signals to near high-definition levels by minimising distortion and noise while enhancing details and colors. The result is a more film-like picture with truer colors and more realistic images in one of the largest home theatre devices available. LG has previously announced a 76-inch HDTV in development, and only Samsung have a larger monitor on the market with their 80-inch LTN545W.

XD Engine technology is also available in the company's new 42- and 50-inch PY10 plasma series models, and all of its LCD (liquid crystal display) and Digital Light Processing (DLP(TM)) HDTVs.

A variety of inputs include DVI+HDCP, HDMI, RS-232C and PC. Flexible PIP, split-zoom and twin-picture features allows sub-windows to be moved, resized, swapped, and split into multiple windows (up to nine). Model MW-71PY10 complements LG's extensive line of PDPs, which include models in screen sizes ranging from 42 to 71 inches.

Unlike other plasma monitors, LG offers a two-year warranty on the MW-71PY10. The price is still to be determined and it will be available in limited release by the end of the year in the US.

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