UPDATED May 13, 2006 Treehouses have a magical quality that sparks the imagination of children and returns adults to long lost afternoons filled with secret adventures. However, few of the corrugated iron structures we cobbled together as kids could approach the impressive scale and fairytale qualities found in PearTree Treehouse designs. Individually tailored to each customer's requirements no matter their age, PearTree projects include two storey adult treehouses, home offices and even 30 seater conference suites. Extensive image library here.

Based on the West Coast of Scotland, PearTree was founded by John Andrew Harris in 1998. Harris, who even spent his honeymoon in a tree house in Malaysia, has turned a childhood fascination into a global business with more than 500 treehouses constructed in the UK and demand stretching to the Caribbean, France and Switzerland.

TreeHouses designed by PearTree are as unique as the trees they are built in, and the trees are not damaged during the construction process.

Prices range from around US$20,000 through to US$200,000 + for the spacious adult retreats and treetop entertaining designs.

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