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Bang & Olufsen Beovision 7 LCD TV

Bang & Olufsen Beovision 7 LCD TV
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March 1, 2005 danish design icon Bang & Olufsen has released its BeoVision 7 television, a 32” LCD widescreen TV with integrated DVD player, digital surround sound module and a three-way stereo loudspeaker system. The BeoVision 7 system also incorporates Bang & Olufsen’s VisionClear, a package of picture technologies designed to deliver the best possible picture in all situations. For example, if the curtains are opened, the BeoVision 7 automatically adjusts its picture to match the light conditions of the room. A special anti-reflection coating reduces the effect of incoming light, allowing the TV to be viewed even in broad daylight.

The integration of the BeoLab 7 loudspeaker in the BeoVision 7 provides “the best sound ever created for television,” according to B&O.; It uses active speaker technology with digital amplification. All six speakers within BeoLab 7 have their own digital amplifiers to produce optimum sound quality.

Through the BeoVision 7, viewers are able to control extra components such as digital and cable set top boxes reducing the visibility of extra boxes and cabling. All of the integrated devices are controlled through one central remote control for ease-of-use and to reduce the clutter of multiple controls.

The BeoVision 7 also includes motorised movement which can be set to automatically adjust to your favourite seating position.

View gallery - 4 images
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