June 25, 2005 Babyproofing a home is not something you want to do half-heartedly as the consequences of an incomplete job can be too dreadful to think about. In most cases, this device fits into the extreme end of babyproofing, though there are some doors that seem to catch the draft and slam with a vengeance – doors for which the Shield Finger Guard is an ideal foil. The Shield Finger Guard offers an easy, inexpensive way to protect tiny fingers and hands from one of the most common accidents that occur at home.

The Shield Finger Guard is a one-piece construction, which is easy to install with no tools required! The device attaches to the door's angular form with a pre-applied double-sided foam-tape. Doors continue to open and close freely. The Shield Finger Guard is available in two versions: one with excellent adhesion that can be cleanly removed for use in homes; and one with a permanent bond for institutions such as schools, daycare centers, hotels and any public building. There’s a new improved model that comes folded at the compact size of 10" and unfolds to 39", half the height of an average door. Two Shield Finger Guard's will cover a whole door.

The Shield retails for only US$9.99 - inexpensive enough so all doors in every house, school and pre-school with toddlers can be childproofed cost efficiently.

The United States Consumer Product Safety Commission reports that there are over 115,000 finger, hand and wrist injuries involving doors treated in emergency rooms per year; nearly 45,000 of those injuries involve children under the age of 14.

Made in the USA, The Shield is available from members of the International Association of Baby Safety, the Shield, Safe Beginnings, One Step Ahead and Gracious Home in Manhattan.

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