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Wooden headphones

Wooden headphones
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July 16, 2005 With the trend towards exotic metals and composites in our consumer electronics products, JVC made an interesting move this week when it released its new HP-DX1000 wooden headphones onto the Japanese market. Priced at JPY 105,000 yen (US$1000 to you), the headphones reportedly produce exquisite rich sound thanks to their natural wooden housings and a special driver unit that is directly mounted onto the wood using the company’s proprietary "Direct Mount Construction." To complete the package, you can purchase a matching wooden stand for your headphones at JPY 26,000 yen (US$250). It’s all frightfully expensive we agree, but the headphones offer a frequency response from 4Hz to 30kHz which is probably better than your ears.

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Clay Jones
Or you could just buy a $100 pair of Sennheisers that also supass the human ear\'s abilities. Either way; it\'s your money.