In-wheel cycling dynanometer tracks top Tour de France rider

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July 31, 2005 The gadget at right is a hub - a bicycle hub that measures power output. Named the PowerTap SL, and made by CycleOps, it offers a read-out of what your bicycle's engine (aka YOU) are producing in power terms and along with collecting heart-rate and speed and all the logical parameters in the big equation, is without doubt the most comprehensive cycling computer and one of the best investments you'll ever make if you're into cycling. We came across the PowerTap in this Wired article, and followed it through to this even more fascinating article at Bicycling which looks at the readouts of the PowerTap SL inside the rear wheel of Floyd Landis' bike, during the year leading up to and throughout the 2005 Tour de France where he finished ninth. If you are or have ever been an athlete, you must read this article as it shows the understanding we are coming to have about sport and sports science, not to mention what incredible athletes elite cyclists are.

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