August 29, 2005 Samsung will debut a promising new notebook concept at the upcoming IFA Consumer Electronics Show in Berlin which opens September 2. It would be easy to accuse Samsung of continuing to play the same “mine’s bigger than yours” game it plays with camera phones, but the details emerging surrounding the new 19 inch notebook suggest it is indeed a new portable computer paradigm. The M70 will be a logical desktop replacement for those with big screen needs as the screen can be removed and has a dock which enables it to stand upright, giving the notebook two personalities – one as a large “laptop for use in transit and the other as a conveniently transportable desktop which can have discrete components. So whilst the M70 will be the first 19-inch notebook in the world, it could be seen as a new conveniently portable desktop and might be seen as a landmark design in the evolving form factor of the computer.

The M70 will be equipped with the newest mobile high speed CPU and high end graphics chip from Nvidia. The 1680 x 1050 TFT display has a response time of only 10 milliseconds, a contrast of 600:1 and a “brightness and depth of shade not known in previous notebooks of 280 cd/m.”

Despite the added complexity and massive screen real estate, the M70 will have the same weight as the current 17-inch Samsung notebook.

There’s also a DVI interface on the monitor docking stationcan the TFT also as normal monitor be used. The provided remote maintenance in the PCMCIA format brings additional comfort for the user.

The Samsung Notebook M70 will be available in October 2005 and no details have yet been given regarding price.

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