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Oralbotic Research's HydraBrush cleans both sides of the tooth at the same time

Oralbotic Research's HydraBrus...
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August 28, 2005 In an age where only the most outrageous advertising claims are legally challenged, it’s easy to become anesthetised to the hyperbole of “whiter than white” copywriters describing every new technology as breakthrough, every reshaped component as innovative and every new version as landmark. So excuse us if we’re reserving judgement on the new HydraBrush Express, which is billed by the company as "The Future of Home Oral Care." Now it looks great and doesn’t at all appear like the toothbrush we all grew up with, so that’s what attracted us, but perhaps our readers can be the judge of whether they’ve gone over the top with the press release: “The distinctive, multi-brush design ensures users of any age RECEIVE proper oral care every time they put this brush in their mouth. No more twisting and turning to brush those hard to reach areas. HydraBrush Express brushes all surfaces of the teeth automatically in 40 seconds or less.” In the high tech brush’s favour are a parent company with a very cute name (Oralbotic Research) and some real cred comes from winning the prestigious Frost & Sullivan "2005 Oral & Dental Care Product of the Year Award." So if they can rein in the copywriters, they’ll probably do okay.

California-based Oralbotic Research was founded in January of 2000. The company exists for the purpose of developing, manufacturing and distributing state-of-the-art home oral care products. HydraBrush Express and Ultra are the company's flagship products, and earlier this year the company was the recipient of the prestigious Frost & Sullivan "2005 Oral & Dental Care Product of the Year Award."

The multi-brush head design of the HydraBrush enables both sides of the teeth to be brushed at the same time, which we guess leads to the company’s claim that it is “the first power brush that automatically enables the user to receive proper oral care in 40 seconds or less.” There’s an animation of how it works on the company site where you can also buy the Hydrabrush Ultra for $152.15 and Hydrabrush Express for US$109.65

Collaborating with industry leaders, Oralbotic Research is currently engaged in Research & Development that will significantly expand their product line.

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