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4.0GB from Toshiba’s 0.85-Inch Hard Disk Drive

4.0GB from Toshiba’s 0.85-Inch...
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September 8, 2005 Toshiba continues to push the envelope on small form factor storage with its latest market introduction, a multi-gigabyte hard drive that is 0.85 inches in diameter.It was in June that we announced Toshiba had cracked the 2 GB barrier with its .85 inch hard drive so we guess it was about time they announced another breakthrough – at IFA this week, the Japanese company announced that the same drive has now been increased to 4 gigabytes capacity.

Only a quarter the size of a 1.8-inch hard disk drive and about the size of a postage stamp, the 0.85-inch HDD will boost the functionality of a new generation of products, including mobile phones, digital audio players, PDAs, digital still cameras, camcorders and more.

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1 comment
1 comment
Layne Bernardo
Soo... instead of using what's probably not much more expensive flash memory, which is faster and has a longer life, they going to spend millions on research to put something with a much, much higher fail rate that requires significant protection from vibration and impact, as well as using much more battery life in whatever portable product it's in? Not to mention, microSD cards can fit probably around 64-128 gigs in the same space.