September 22, 2005 We’ve written about the P-mate disposable device that enables women to urinate standing up several times and each time it has been deluged with traffic so this product, the Whiz, is likely to be be just as popular and interesting. It’s effectively the same thing as the P-mate except that instead of being a disposable paper-based device it’s reusable and made of an elastomer thermoplastic that is flexible and soft. This enables you to scrunch or roll it up to put it in a bag or purse, then it springs back to shape once you want to use it. The plastic used contains an anti-bacterial additive - similar to chopping boards - that means that it always stays clean and hygienic. This makes it great for women who travel, especially in the third world where squat toilets can be a problem and a pack of 6 disposable items doesn't last long. It's also great for women who love the outdoors and don't want to throw out a paper p-mate in the bush.

Another great advantage of the Whiz is that a silicone rubber connector tube can be attached to the nozzle letting women pee into a bottle or a catheter bag with ease. This is a huge breakthrough for women with a disability or women who are mobility impaired and can't access a toilet for one reason or another. The Whiz can be used sitting in a wheel chair or a car, lying in bed or standing.

There is also an advanced model called the Whiz Plus. This product has a special plasma coating that was developed by the British army, and literally repels all liquids. It means that the Whiz Plus is always dry and clean. One flick after use and the there is NO residue at all. It has to been seen to be believed.

The Whiz Plus is great for the outdoors and for places where you can't access water to clean the Whiz. It has recently helped an all female team race to the North Pole ( and is currently being used in a summit attempt on K2 in Pakistan.

Possibly the most innovative product made by mnufacturer JBOL is the Whiz Midstream – a device that could save millions of dollars for the public, governments, patients and pathology companies around the world.

The Whiz Midstream automatically captures a midstream urine sample - something that no other product in the world can do. Have a look how it works here.

As far as distributors go, JBOL is the originating company and UK/European distributor and Whizbiz Australia is the Asian distributor.

The company is currently seeking distribution in other countries.

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