October 6, 2005 One of the problems with most MP3 players is the lack of volume and lack of power to enable high quality headphones to be used, preventing the players from being used in many circumstances where there is high ambient noise. This new pocket-sized audio amplifier and two-way splitter called the Boostaroo Revolution overcomes the low volume and flat sound problems as it has the power to drive two sets of high-end headphones (greater than 60 ohm impedance for best results) or mini-speakers, quadruples their volume, and images high-definition 3-channel surround sound.

The Boostaroo Revolution powers any portable player that has a headphone jack, including all iPods and other MP3 players, DVD, CD and satellite radio players, laptops, Pocket PCs, handheld video games and motorcycle intercom gear. Retailing for US$79.95, it begins hitting the shelves later this month or can be purchased online.

UpBeat Audio's patent-pending circuitry separates and reprocesses compressed digital music files, opening up the field of sound. It splits conventional stereo signals into individual channels so listeners feel surrounded by rich sound, as if in a recording studio. It gives clarity, punch and driving bass.

Weighing only six ounces, counting the two included AAAA batteries, the Boostaroo Revolution is the market's smallest portable amplifier at about the size of a disposable lighter. Units will be available in white, black, silver and a black/silver combination and a tab and mounting hole allows users to attach it to a belt, key chain, or wear it around their neck.

The Boostaroo Revolution features two standard mini-stereo ports with discreet circuits that allow two listeners to share music or movies at the same time -- with no reduction in volume, no added distortion or noise. Users connect to their player of choice using one of two included patch cords, 3" and 6" in length (white version) or a 12" cord (black and silver versions). Plugging the Revolution into the headphone jack boosts the audio signal and extends player battery life by eliminating the need to increase the player's volume. The Revolution will provide about 24 hours of constant use.

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