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The PowerSquid: a better powerboard

The PowerSquid: a better power...
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Pic - Bob Lawton
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November 19, 2005 Controlling the under-the-desk clutter is a problem now that so many objects require a power supply. and that's where the PowerSquid design is such a fundamental breakthrough. How many times have you cursed at one of the power-boards that live under your desk? Power-boards or power-strips were at first a GodSend when they were invented, but as a species, they have never really evolved much and until now have remained quite basic in their design. The Flexity PowerSquid Surge Protector, the latest product from the inventors of the PowerSquid, offers the logical next step in the evolution of the power strip and anyone who has ever covered up two outlets on their power-board with a power transformer will understand the advantages. The cephalopod design incorporates flexible arms for the female outlets which can easily accommodate transformer plugs without wasting any outlets, provide greater reach and flexibility, and they’re easier to plug and unplug than traditional power boards. Now it has a new sibling with a built-in surge protector – we think this is a better mousetrap, conceived by stepping outside the box-like approach of all of its predecessors. It has reinvented the moribund power delivery category for modern, mobile lifestyles. Now, what should a third generation power delivery device offer?

The PowerSquid Surge Protector's cutting-edge design is matched by equally sophisticated circuitry. All models feature next-generation Ultra-MOVs (the component that actually absorbs the surges) with premium joule ratings, ranging from 1020 to 3280 joules, for maximum protection. All models also feature Purestream EMI/RFI noise filtering to reduce electromagnetic interference, which can impair performance. Coaxial cable and phone line protection are standard on all PC models (many damaging surges come through these connectivity lines), with gold-plated coaxial connectors and an integral line splitter for phone lines. The flagship Calamari model features two neon glowing female outlets, an audible alarm, and a 360 degree rotating flat- profile male plug.

"We are honored to receive the 2006 CES Best of Innovations Award, which is tantamount to an Oscar in this industry and truly cause for celebration," said Chris Hawker, founder of Trident Design, LLC, inventor of the PowerSquid. "We look forward to introducing the premium design of the Flexity PowerSquid to manufacturers and retailers throughout the international CES community."

Flexity, LLC, will launch the product to specialty, catalog and online retailers at the 2006 CES in January, for delivery later in the first quarter of 2006 at a starting MSRP of US$49.99.

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