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LandRollers take skaters to new places and surfaces

LandRollers take skaters to new places and surfaces
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April 18, 2006 Yet another variation on the skating theme has come to light. With the first production run still warm, LandRollers are one of many new innovations in the field of human-powered urban transport we have seen over recent years. The significant benefit of the design is its ability to take skaters to places - and surfaces - never before imaginable.Based on the fundamental premise that the greater the size of a wheel, the less prone it is to deflection and the larger the objects it will roll over, LandRoller are an unlikely looking variation on the in-line skating model that uses two oversized wheels on each skate that are angled inward. The resulting wheel configuration improves stability, manoeuvrability, safety, ride smoothness and braking.

LandRoller's wheels can roll over obstacles that hinder inline skates, while maintaining the same low centre of gravity and skating dynamics as a traditional recreational skate. Conceived more than a decade ago, the evolution is ongoing with dozens of prototypes built, tested and improved upon and a development path which has resulted in a commercial product getting rave reviews but with the promise of even better performance over time.

Those who have tried LandRoller skates report improved agility and a great reduction in wheel chatter, resulting in a smoother ride with the killer app being the skates' ability to tame rough surfaces. LandRoller has several enhancements under development, including state-of-the-art braking, a variety of wheels and tires (including pneumatic), and high-performance options for off-road use where the invention originally evolved.

LandRoller's patented skate technology uses an angled, out-of-line wheel configuration that provides vastly improved performance over traditional inline skates. The first impression of many people is that they look "wrong" and won't work, but after a test ride, their conclusion is that they are so "right".

"It's so much fun to watch people step into the skates for the first time because they are consistently amazed and delighted by the experience," said LandRoller CEO Brian Conners.

LandRoller Skates retail for US$249 and the company is actively seeking international distribution partners.

View gallery - 7 images
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